Vocal Remover and Stem Separator by Studio Mikrotakt

Separate vocal, acapella, accompaniment, bass, drums or various instruments of any song or video files using powerful AI algorithms fast and Free!

Mikrotakt.app is a vocal remover and audio source separation application for fast, easy and precise stem extraction. Remove vocal, instrumental, drums, bass, piano, acapella tracks without quality loss. Extract vocal by upload your audio file and video from youtube and try to extract any stem in any quality you want to export.

Mikrotakt offers additional services, including a voice cleaner and noise reducer tool, Karaoke Maker, and acapella extractor tool. Experience the quality for yourself by exploring these features!

Refine Your Musical Craft: Explore our free audio separation tool that effortlessly divides any song into high-quality stems. Customize speed, pitch, loop, and more. Give it a try Now!"